Exrpessing your emotions

I always tell my people that expressing emotionality can be learned so stop blaming cultures, society and family for your unexpressive demeanor.

A recent survey found that the famed British “stiff upper lip” is a thing of the past. The stiff upper lip is finally wobbling as more and more Brits wear their hearts on their sleeves. The survey found Britons are no longer embarrassed to shed a tear or be affectionate in public.

Brits are also prone to being carried away when they are excited, the research showed, with 47 percent waving their arms in the air, a third jumping up and down and three in 10 throwing their arm around someone nearby. Plotted on the "passion index," which measures how often people display emotion, Britain averaged 69 out of 100, with people in the south most likely to show how they feel while the Welsh were the least emotional.

Apparently, Brits nowadays let it all hang out, just like the Americans or French. No wonder, even the latest avatars of James Bond have started emoting on screen. There may be few takers for a bit of reserve, as air kisses and hugs sweep all before them. The Germans, perhaps, to resist this globalizing tide?

Warm hugs to you all!


Lost Generation

This video is a creative way of expressing some wonderful turning ideas. The twist took me by surprise. Very inspiring and a beautiful masterpiece of creativity.

Aren't best things in life for free?

Annie Leonard has released a new video talking about the evils of bottled water. Entitled “The Story of Bottled Water“, the new short film is done in the same style as her hit video 'The Story of Stuff', with simple cartoons, hard-hitting facts and compelling information. Even if you were against bottled water before, this video will make you cringe at how wasteful bottling water in plastic can be.

No wonder they say, that best things in life are free, for everything else there's mastercard!

Drink safe tap water to your wellness